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Palmaris Brevis Muscle


The palmaris brevis is a tiny quadrangular muscle in the hand’s hypothenar area. After all, in this place, the palmaris brevis is not a region of the hypothenar muscle group; instead, it is reviewed as an extremely superficial muscle of this area on its own.

This muscle tightens the palmar aponeurosis, which is located in the middle of the hand’s fibrous structures and the hypothenar skin. Doing s it helps to generate and keep up a strong grip.

Origin of the muscle Palmaris brevis

The origin of PB is flexor retinaculum and medial part of palmar aponeurosis.


It inserts into the skin of the palm into the dermis


  • The palmaris brevis muscle on the lateral side of the hand is the most superficial because it is situated straight under the skin.
  • The ulnar artery, superficial palmar arch, and superficial component of the ulnar nerve are deep into the muscle, as are the hypothenar eminence muscles (opponens digiti minimi, abductor digiti minimi, and flexor digiti minimi brevis).
  • Guyon’s canal is the fibro-osseous canal on the outer side of the palm via which the ulnar artery and nerve enter the palmar hand, which is created by the palmaris brevis.

Blood supply

  • The superficial palmar curve, which is predominantly defined by the ulnar artery, is a network of blood vessels that supplies blood to the palmaris brevis muscle.
  • Some individuals can also be influenced by the princeps pollicis artery or the superficial palmar branch of the radial artery.

Nerve supply

The function of palmaris brevis muscle

  • The palmar aponeurosis is tightened when the palmaris brevis muscle contracts, which causes the wrinkle of hypothenar skin and deepens the palmar fossa.
  • During a spherical power grip, when the hand must be positioned in a cup formation, or during repetitive grip actions, this movement assists in positioning and stabilizing the palm.

Clinical relevance

  • The innervation of the PB is the primary generator part of the superficial part of the ulnar nerve.
  • Due to this, the palmaris brevis function may be used to identify the location of the ulnar nerve part at the wrist.
  • It may also keep the ulnar nerve and artery from being compressed in the ulnar canal when grasping repeatedly.

Stretching of palmaris brevis muscle

  • Stand or sit while extending the arm out in front of you to improve the stretch (Palmaris Longus).
  • The wrist should then be extended and pulled towards you with the opposite hand as the elbow is fully extended or locked out.
  • The Flexor Digitorum Superficialis and Profundus can be stretched by pulling on the fingers with the opposing hand.

Palmaris brevis muscle strengthening exercise

Making fist

Making fist
Making fist
  • Start by putting the hand out in front of you and spreading the fingers as widely as you can.
  • Place the thumb on the outside of the fingers and close the fingers towards the palm to form a fist.
  • Release the fingers after 20 to 40 seconds in this posture, then back to the starting position with your fingers as wide apart as possible.
  • Perform this exercise at least three times for three sets on each hand.

Grip strengthening

Grip strengthening
Grip strengthening
  • To relax the hand, place a firm yet gentle hand exercise ball in the palm and tuck all the fingers around it.
  • Squeeze the ball as hard as you can for 10 seconds while maintaining the position, and then release.
  • Do this movement 10 to 15 times with each hand, two to three times each week.
  • However, be sure to give the hand a 48-hour break in the middle of sessions to avoid overworking the muscles.


Where is the palmaris brevis muscle?

The palmaris brevis muscle is located close to the hypothenar muscle mass on the ulnar side of the hand. The skin on the ulnar
border of the hand puckers as it contracts.

What are palmaris brevis symptoms?

The primary noticeable sign of PBSS is spontaneous, involuntary, irregular contraction or dimpling of the PB muscle. It has nothing to work with sensory loss or paresthesia. It might be either bilateral or unilateral.

What causes palmaris brevis pain?

Overuse or contact with an object or its surface is the two main causes of palmaris brevis injuries. The most typical symptoms of
an injury to the region are swelling and localized soreness to the touch. Ibuprofen is an example of an NSAID that may be used to
help reduce pain and inflammation.

What is a palmaris brevis muscle spasm?

An uncommon and benign disorder of regional muscle hyperactivity is called palmaris brevis spasm syndrome. Five males each
had spontaneous, erratic, tonic contractions of the palmaris brevis muscle at the hypothenar eminence.

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