7 Best Exercise For Kyphosis

7 Best Exercise For Kyphosis

Kyphosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine in which the upper spine goes forward rounding curvature, You can only reduce it by exercise. Exercise is a very important part of your overall treatment that helps to correct your curvature naturally, reduces pain and other related symptoms, and also strengthens your weak Back muscles, and improves flexibility. So for faster Recovery, You Have to exercise regularly in the proper manner with the advice of your doctor and your Physiotherapist.

Why does Kyphosis happen?

Kyphosis refers to a condition characterized by an excessive forward curvature of the upper spine, resulting in a rounded or hunched back.

Kyphosis is happening due to bad posture or other activities which can lead to getting stressed muscles after some time your back muscle will get an adaptation to that position and your back go into kyphosis.

Kyphosis is a condition in which upper spine curvature will be in a forward bending position. At the starting stage, it will be seen as mild, but at the time of progression, severe cases can lead to total kyphosis. Kyphosis can occur in any age group of people. It can be younger and it can be old but especially women are suffering more from it. It can happen because of muscle spinal weakness. Treatment of kyphosis is only and only exercise which helps to get curvature as before.

7 Best Exercise For Kyphosis

Exercise can help you to recover from kyphosis and it can also decrease back pain. You will get spinal muscle strength and spine shape as normal.

It’s important to note that before starting any exercise program, you should consult with a healthcare professional or a qualified physical therapist who can assess your specific condition and provide personalized recommendations.

Opposite side Neck movement:

Opposite side movement
Opposite side movement

As per the exercise name, you have to do the opposite moment of the curved spine.
You have to tuck your chin and move your head back over the shoulders.
You can easily feel the movement.
Hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds and slowly move your head forward.
You can do this exercise 10 times for 3 to 4 times a day.
If you have any pain during this exercise, you have to go to your physiotherapist.

Isometric neck exercise :

Isometric Neck Exercise
Isometric Neck Exercise

In this exercise, you have to sleep on your back.
After that, you have to do force on the floor side.
Hold the force for 15 to 20 seconds and do it for 5 to 10 times as per your muscle strength.
This exercise can also help you with cervical problems.

Quadruped exercise.


Stand with your arms and move forward, your right hand and opposite leg to maintain the position. Hold this for 15 to 30 seconds, and you can repeat it for 5 to 10 times.
You have to make balance while doing this exercise or you can take anyone’s help for this.

Push-ups :

Push-up exercise
Push-up exercise

First of all, you have to lie down on your floor with your stomach and your hands on the ground.
Your both shoulder should be in one line. It means parallel to each other.
Now try to push your body away from the ground, but your toes in contact with the ground.
Keep your legs and back in a straight position as more as possible.
Now do the push-ups 10 to 15 times.
Or you can do it until you will get tired.

Bridging exercise :


First of all, go in the lying position. After that bend your knees for some degrees as per shown in the image.
Both hands should be in normal or in comfortable positions.
Now try to lift your back upside and hold it for 5 to 10 seconds as per your capacity.
You can do this 10 times in a one-time.
In a whole day, you can do this exercise 3 to 4 times.

Bhujangasana :


It is a very easy position of yoga for correcting kyphosis, which you can do in a normal lying position you have to sleep in a prone lying position and move your head outside with the support of your both hands. You have to hold this position for  5 to 10 seconds.  After that go to the starting position. You can do this exercise   3 to  4 times per day.

Tadasana :


This is a very easy and normal position that can be used in daily routine to stretch the muscles which get stiff. 

For doing this position you have to stand normally and move both hands at the above side of your head and stretch it fully hold this position for 5 to 10 seconds and do it 10 times per session you can do three sets of this exercise per day.

How to do all exercise at Home?

That is a video for doing exercise at your home with the precautions is attached below.

Summary :

So in this article, I have given the best exercises for kyphosis.

By doing this exercise regularly you can recover your back as before. You can reduce the curvature and enjoy your daily routine.

Avoid Exercise if…

If you have any recent injury or surgery on your back, you are facing pain during the exercise and after the exercise so avoid exercise and never do exercise without the advice of your doctor and physiotherapist.


  1. How do you sit with kyphosis?

    You have to sit in the Back Tilt position which really helps for kyphosis and you also have to use it in your routine to avoid kyphosis.

  2. Can kyphosis be fixed with exercise?

    Yes, you can reduce kyphosis by exercising more easily than with other treatments. but you have to do regular exercise and proper guidance which help you to reduce it.

  3. What muscles are weak in kyphosis?

    Yes, Some muscles of the spine go into a weakened position due to that kyphosis can occur.

  4. What exercises make kyphosis worse?

    You have to avoid Hamstring Stretching, Chest Presses, Knee Extensions, and crunches to do not get more problems.

  5. Can yoga reverse kyphosis?

    Yes, Yoga can reverse kyphosis as normal and the Tadasan is the best aasan for that to reduce Kyphosis.

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