Depressor supercilii

Depressor supercilii muscle Origin, Insertion Function, Exercise


  • The depressor supercilii muscle is located near the eye, & it’s thought to assist in moving & lowering the eyebrow. Also, it’s thought to assist in moving the glabella, which is the skin above the nose & between the eyebrows.
  • The depressor supercilii is an eye-fixed muscle of the human body. The character of this muscle is in certain dispute. Few printed anatomies include it & lots of authorities consider it to be part of the orbicularis oculi muscle.
  • On the opposite hand, many dermatologists, ophthalmologists, & plastic surgeons hold that the depressor supercilii may be a distinct muscle & has a definite, individual effect on the motion of the eyebrow & skin of the glabella.

Origin & Insertion :

  • The depressor supercilii arises on the medial orbital rim, close to the lacrimal bone, & inserts on the medial aspect of the bony orbit, inferior to the corrugator supercilii. In a few specimens, it exhibits 2 heads & in others, only one.


  • The main activity done by the depressor supercilii muscle is the depression of the eyebrow.

Nerve supply :

Blood supply

  • Supraorbital & supratrochlear arteries from the ophthalmic artery and terminal end of the facial artery.

Depressor supercilii muscle exercises

frown assisted exercise
frown assisted exercise

Frown (assisted):

  • Using your fingers to help, pull the forehead muscles downwards & inwards, creating a frown. Hold this position, then relax.
  • The depressor supercilii muscle is different from the corrugator supercilii muscle & therefore the medial head of the orbital part of the orbicularis oculi muscle. The depressor supercilii muscle was noted to be superior in orientation & dark redder in color than the orbicularis oculi muscle. The depressor supercilii muscle originates from the frontal process of the maxilla approximately 1 cm above the medial canthal tendon & seemed to originate from 2 distinct heads in most specimens, a unique finding. In specimens containing 2 heads of the depressor supercilii muscle, the angular vessels run between both muscle heads. The insertion of the depressor supercilii muscle within the dermis lay approximately 13-14 mm superior to the medial canthal tendon.
  • In comparison to other muscles of the face, it’s a relatively small muscle. However, among physicians & researchers, there’s still debate over whether the depressor supercilii is a portion of the orbicularis oculi. Some plastic surgeons believe the muscle to be independent of its specific function, while other physicians argue that this muscle is a segment of the orbicularis oculi muscle.


What are the four brow depressor muscles?

The frontalis muscle is responsible for elevating the eyebrows, while the corrugator supercilii, orbicularis oculi, & procerus play a role in its depression.

Is the procerus & Supercilii a brow depressor?

The dynamic balance of the eyebrows is kept by the frontal muscle which acts as a brow elevator, & the brow depressors include corrugator supercilii muscle (CSM), procerus, depressor supercilii, & orbicularis oculi muscles.

What are the depressors of the brow?

The medial brow depressors comprise the procerus muscle, corrugator supercilii, depressor supercilii muscles, & the medial portion of the orbicularis oculi muscle. These muscles are commonly targeted for brow shaping via the injection of a small dose of BoNT-A into the part of the procerus.

What does depressor supercilii perform?

Conclusions: The origin, insertion, & anatomy of the depressor supercilii muscle assist it to work as a depressor of the eyebrow. Histologically, the depressor supercilii muscle arises distinctly from bone & has a unique insertion.

Where do you inject depressor supercilii?

Depressor Supercilii
The injection point was marked just below the medial end of the eyebrow, coincident with the horizontal line crossing the medial & lateral end of the brows, at least 1 cm from the orbital rim. Nearly 30% of the 6-mm needle was introduced, directed medially & upward.

Is the glabella a depressor?

“Glabellar complex muscles are depressors of the brow. On contraction, they cause lines & furrows. The procerus muscle frequently causes horizontal lines, while the corrugator supercilii muscles produce more vertical lines.”

Is the procerus an elevator or a depressor?

The procerus is a brow depressor, that establishes horizontal nasal root creases

Is the procerus muscle a depressor?

When contracting, the procerus muscle depresses the medial portion of the eyebrows & wrinkles the skin between them. This action enables frowning, making procerus a main contributor to the expansive array of human facial expressions.

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