A Special test of the Circulation & Swelling

  • These examinations are used clinically to evaluate hand edema.
  • When there is swelling in the hand, a therapist or doctor will do this clinical examination.
  • In the observation phase of the evaluation of the hand, this swelling is examined.

Name of the special blood circulation and swelling test is:

  • Digit blood flow
  • Hand volume test

Digit blood flow Test:

Digit blood flow
Digit blood flow
  • This digit blood flow is used to define the blood flow in the hand

What is the procedure for the digit blood flow?

  • In order to perform the test, the position of the patient is in seating position.
  • The examiner (therapist) compresses the nail bed to measure the distal blood flow and records how long it takes for the nail’s color to recover.
  • Normally, the color should return to the nail bed within 3 seconds of the pressure being removed.
  • The fingers should be checked for arterial insufficiency if the recovery takes longer.
  • The effect is a comparison with the normal side and gives some indication of the determined flow.

Hand volume test:


What is the importance of the hand volume test?

  • This hand volume test is used to find out if the hand is swollen, edematous, or atrophy.

Hand volume test

  • The position of the patient is in a sitting position.
  • A volumeter may be utilized if the examiner (therapist) is worried about variations in hand size.
  • This tool may be used to measure changes in hand size based on atrophy, widespread edema, or localized swelling.
  • The examiner [therapist] can get an understanding of the changes taking place in the affected hand by making comparisons with the normal part.
  • For accurate readings on this test, care must be used.
  • The difference between the dominant and non-dominant hands, as well as between the right and left hands, is frequently 10 ML.

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