Does Banana Helps in Weight Loss

Does Banana Helps in Weight Loss

Banana is often advised for people who want to improve their health.

However, some people worry that fruits with high sugar content, such as bananas, can cause obesity. Most fruits are about 90% carbohydrates, meaning they are higher in sugar. Still, fruit is an essential part of a balanced diet because it provides vital nutritional benefits.

This article examines whether bananas can help you gain or lose weight.

Banana’s Nutrition Facts

Bananas are high in many nutrients and provide many health benefits.

They contain a lot of fiber and carbohydrates, as well as some important vitamins and minerals.

A medium banana contains:

Potassium: 9% DV

Vitamin B6: 25% DV

Vitamin C: 11% DV

Magnesium: 8% DV

Copper: 10% DV

Manganese: 14% DV

Fiber: 3.07g

All of this contains about 105 calories, 90% of which come from carbohydrates. Most of the carbohydrates in ripe bananas are sugars – sucrose, glucose, and fructose. On the other hand, bananas are low in protein and fat.

Bananas also contain a number of beneficial plant compounds and antioxidants, including dopamine and catechin.

1. Green banana give you energy and make your intestines healthier

If you eat your bananas while they’re still a bit unripe (the less ripe the better in this case), you’re actually getting a dense source of gut-healthy prebiotic-resistant starch.

“That means you’re actually nourishing your gut, helping with satiety and the cells to be more responsive to insulin. When the cells are more responsive to insulin, it inhibits one of your body’s normal fat storage mechanisms, and instead, you can feel fuller for longer and you may even eat less at your next meal, ultimately boosting overall energy intake.”

2. Bananas contain fiber that keeps you full

Bananas get a bad rap in the nutrition world due to their higher carb content in the carb world.

But bananas can actually help you lose weight if you eat them as part of a balanced diet. A medium banana contains 3 grams of total fiber and 0.6 grams of soluble fiber, which will help you feel fuller longer. Unripe bananas also contain resistant starch, which escapes digestion in the gut and helps produce beneficial bacteria in the gut that can help prevent obesity.

3. They are sweet enough to make a healthy dessert

Bananas can help you lose weight by incorporating them into your eating habits as a good substitute for sweets/desserts.

Pairing a banana with a protein source like almonds, peanut butter, or even a cheese stick will help your body feel full and help your mind feel full by providing a sweet substitute. Replacing dessert treats with choices like bananas can help you lose weight by giving your body a higher-nutrient option as opposed to a calorie-dense option that lacks good nutrition, benefiting your body as a whole.

4. Banana can help with overeating

Bananas help you feel fuller for longer, which can lead to weight loss by avoiding overeating. “It is full of soluble fiber, pectin, and resistant starch, which reduce appetite and increase feelings of fullness after a banana.”

These are relatively low in calories but high in fiber, which is about 3 grams per medium banana. Fiber helps keep us full because it’s difficult for our bodies to break down, so it stays in our GI tract for longer. . This gives us a feeling of fullness that helps curb our cravings and prevents us from overeating later in the day.”

5. Banana help with blood sugar levels

Bananas improve insulin sensitivity, which helps the body process glucose more efficiently, thereby reducing weight. Bananas are an excellent source of resistant starch, that has a positive effect on insulin resistance.

6. Bananas can help with sleep

proving sleep might help increase energy throughout the day for more effective exercise and better eating. Bananas contain melatonin, a natural chemical responsible for healthy sleep, and can help improve sleep quality. 

According to a study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, sleep loss can alter energy intake and expenditure, meaning that reduced sleep causes a reduced rate of weight loss. Since bananas can help with the quality of your sleep, they can only benefit your sleep, leading to faster weight loss over time.

7. Bananas help with exercise

Your workouts can be more effective with fewer muscle spasms. Muscle cramps may be linked to, especially potassium, and bananas are full of this nutrient.

Exercise is important for building muscle, and muscle is closely linked to a faster metabolism – which aids weight loss over time and electrolyte imbalances. Bananas can help keep your muscles healthy and safe and give you the energy you need to train.

8. They are low in calories but rich in nutrients

A medium banana has about 100 calories and contains 3 grams of fiber. Bananas are full of fiber, which helps keep you full and stabilize your blood sugar, making them a great food for weight loss. They are also rich in the minerals potassium and magnesium, which help muscles relax and may even aid sleep.

The nutrient package is what fascinates me the most,” says Reads. “It has the perfect balance of vitamins (B6 and C), fiber, magnesium, manganese, potassium, and carbohydrates—a larger percentage of which are calories. The number of calories in bananas is often the reason why most people associate bananas with weight gain. However, note that a banana contains only 102 calories, 12% of the recommended calorie intake.

Key point

Bananas are healthy and nutritious. They are low in calories and high in fiber.

Most bananas have a low to moderate glycemic index and should not cause large spikes in blood sugar compared to other high-carb foods.

Although there are no studies that directly examine the effects of bananas on weight, bananas have several properties that should make them suitable food for weight loss.

If you are trying to lose weight, there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating bananas as part of a balanced diet rich in whole foods. There are also equally important to eat other fruits and vegetables with Bananas. To reduce weight naturally, also recommend you to do regular exercise and an active lifestyle is also important.

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