In the Temple Fay’s philosophy, the child is taught to move according to evolutionary development. Fay also suggest that human ontogenic development is based on phylogenetic development in the evolution of the species.

Thus, he contended that movement sequences should be built up from reptilian squirming and amphibian creeping, through mammalian quadripedal reciprocal movement, to the erect walking of the primates.

He believed that as lower order animals with simple nervous systems could carry out squirming and creeping movements, so the human who has an abnormal cerebral cortex should be able to perform the same patterns.

These creeping movement are taught initially with passive movements known as patterning. The child is later encouraged to perform them alon.

The movement patterns are developmental and Fay suggested that they should be followed in strict seqence of :

  • Prone Lying – Head and trunck rotation
  • Primitive homolateral creeping
  • Contralateral creeping
  • Crawling
  • Elephant walk on hands and feet
  • Walking pattern.

Another aspect of this system used extensively with young people with severe head injuries by the author, is the use of unlocking reflexes to reduce hypertonus.

templ fay exercise

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